About My Neighbourhood

My neighbourhood is a leafy suburb in south London which I love.  As a freelancer, I actually spend most of my days within ten minutes’ walk of where I live.  Rather than actually “working from home”, I take my laptop out with me onto the streets.  Anywhere in my area (or elsewhere) with a table and chair (and WiFi is a bonus) can become my office for the day.  I am a regular in a few spots which puts me in touch with the same places and faces giving me a good feel of how things change over time.  It is these changes, big and small, such as a shop closing down or a new staff wanted sign, that tell their own tales about the state of the economy.

While my focus is local, I closely follow the global markets as this is where many of the changes that we see originate.  Having grown up on a farm in New Zealand and lived in Japan for several years, I have developed an international outlook.  I also travel a lot and enjoy observing the neighbourhoods of other people in the places that I visit.  My recent travels have taken me from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong to the serene pace of life on islands in the Mekong river.

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