Friday, 4 May 2012

Six Month Anniversary

Your Neighbourhood Economist has just past its six-month anniversary (if that counts as anything).

For those who had not been tapping into this useful source of information on the global economy
or those who have not been very good at keeping up with the posting,
here is a run down of the top five posting (as chosen by me)

A good description on the workings of the bond market 
and why bond traders are causing so much trouble in Europe.

A bit of doom and gloom which is what economists are famous for 
but at least the bit about the double dip recession in the UK was on the mark.

Bigger than Berlusconi
A sign of how things can change - all eyes were on Italy in November
but now, under new management, Italy is seen as a role model 

Spain and the Long Hard Slog
All eyes on Spain now and it seems as if Europe won't be sorting itself out any time soon.

A posting on the demise of Sony and why we shouldn't worry.
(it also shows that I did learn something other than how to use chopsticks during my time in Japan)

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